1999 TA BBC

This TA was bought by a customer at an auto auction. The car was advertised to be much more than it truly was. He brought it to us to sort out the kinks and make it run perform to it's potential along with adding a few touches that he felt were necessary.  

We dynoed it first and it made 415/411 rwhp/rwtq.  The BBC was starving for fuel, valves were way out, and it had some major crank case pressure issues.  The customer opted for us to install a HVAC block off plate to aid in the plug swap.  So down came the motor to install the block-off plate and fab the brackets for the new manual rack.

While we were there we welded the bungs in the valve covers for the crankcase evac.

When it was all said and done we strapped it back on the dyno after setting the valves and we went to dialing in the carb.  We finished up with 524/483 rwhp/rwtq a gain of 109 HP and 72 FT/LBS.


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